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White 'Corn
Cheese ‘Corn
White ‘Corn:The genesis of all our popcorn and the popcorn that made Kalli's Popcorn Shop Famous. Our white popcorn isn't the run-of-the-mill microwave or movie theater popcorn; it's so light and fluffy it melts in your mouth. For those of you who've had Kalli's White Popcorn, you know what were talking about; for those of you who haven't, you don't know what you're missing.
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Caramel 'Corn:The We drench our Popcorn in our homemade caramel to form a delectable crunchy shell creating KCCN, better known as Kalli's Caramel 'Corn Nirvana. 
Kalli's Mix:Our Kalli's Mix is just that, a mix.  It's a mix of all three of Kalli's Classics Popcorns to form one tantalizing cornucopia of flavor: Light Buttery White, Rich Cheese, & Sweet Caramel.  Oh yes we did!
Cheese ‘Corn:Kalli's Cheese Popcorn, is often and understandably referred to as Popcorn Cheese; which in truth, may be a more accurate. Our Cheese Popcorn is suited for more than your average cheese head, it can satiate the cheesiest cravings of an entire cheese body, now that is cheesy.
The 3-WayThis is for the person who has trouble making up his/her mind: I want Buttery White, oh wait, the Caramel, yeah I want the Caramel it’s definitely the Cheese, I gotta get me some of the White. Just order the 3 Way and you're covered; all three Popcorns separated in one tin.
We know you have a lot of options whenit comes to buying popcorn, so we appreciate you taking the time to check out our popcorn site.  Each batch of our popcorn is hand crafted with only the finest ingredients & fire-roasted without the use of any oils.  We've discovered the perfect popping kernel and perfected our caramel and cheese recipes to create the world's best versions of the original three 'corns:  White, Caramel & Cheese. You won't find any gimmicky crazy flavored 'corn here.  Enjoy your visit!
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